Some tweets about Deadline






Laurie Kempton @mcsmartypants It is way past my bedtime but I finally finished Deadline. Gripping read. Familiar too. Nice work Stephen Maher. retweet

Wojtek Gwiazda  @WojtekGwiazda Ottawa politics: Yes there’s a seamy side @stphnmaher Intv w/ Stephen Maher #Deadline #cdnpoli retweet

Chrystal Ocean  @tidewaters Could get @stphnmaher’s great ebook Deadline only b/c my tiny budget cld manage the price Ebooks $ gouging must stop retweet

simonrowland  @simonrowland Getting so much enjoyment from reading Deadline, a political thriller novel set in Ottawa by @stphnmaher… So great! retweet

Keith Boag  @KeithBoag About the Book via @wordpressdotcom Stephen Maher’s political thriller a fun read. Look forward to the movie! retweet

Keith Boag  @KeithBoag @stphnmaher some of your characters seemed eerily like people I used to know on the Hill. One in particular. retweet

Paul Adams  @padams29 Just finished @stphnmaher ‘s thriller #Deadline. It’s a blast. retweet

Jacques Poitras  @PoitrasBook “Deadline,” the e-novel by @stphnmaher, is frothy, dishy fun for political junkies. I think I’ve met some of those characters. retweet

Jacques Poitras  @PoitrasBook @stphnmaher I chuckle when I see a lobbyist or staffer character whose name is that of a Hot Room veteran I remember from my 1997 tenure. retweet

Terri Baker  @TechTot @stphnmaher – Thanks. I downloaded to the Kindle reader and I’m loving the story. Well done! retweet

Jean-Sébastien Rioux  @jsrioux @stphnmaher Hey btw I am halfway through…as a former political staffer I could quibble on a few deets, but it’s a good yarn! retweet

Glen McGregor  @glen_mcgregor For a life-long local like me, fun to read all the Ottawa locations in @stphnmaher’s political thriller retweet

Greg MacEachern  @gmacofglebe Nice to run into @stphnmaher this am and tell him how much I’m enjoying “Deadline”:… retweet

Christopher Leo  @ChristopherCLeo @stphnmaher Just picked up Deadline for Kindle: thoroughly enjoying it so far! Well written and great fun recognizing all the Ottawa haunts. retweet

Jesse Helmer  @jesse_helmer Reading @stphnmaher’s political thriller Deadline. Wish there were more books like this set in Canada. Good read so far retweet

Lisbethmary  @Tobinnie @stphnmaher Finished “Deadline”. A great read. R U working on the next one yet? Get back on that boat and get to work. retweet

Paul McLeod  @pdmcleod My friend @stphnmaher has written a political thriller, Deadline, which threatens to overshadow my political thriller Dial P For Prorogation retweet


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